D2B is about YOU!

D2B is a creative platform of the people, by the people, for the people. We provide pre and post-processing support to people with talents for creating their own audio/video-based productions absolutely free of cost. Our support ranges from facilitating users with audio/video equipment set up to post-processing/editing and from pre-production best practices tips to post-production promotions over a number of platforms- hence, creating a smooth pipeline for interested users to leverage. Our dedicated creative content team is always active on several social media platforms giving production tips to interested users. Our end to end support system will surely help you to groom your own skill-set, be it recitation, singing, cooking, travelogue, riding or audio productions such as story telling or roasting contemporary practices or beliefs.

We also organise cross-platform exciting contests (such as comment battles, picture post on dedicated subjects, Quiz competitions etc) and offer exciting prizes to participants. The entries to these contests are free of cost and prizes are sent over e-mail, whereas winners are declared overall social media platforms.

Our Reach

Our omnipresence can be felt in various social networking platforms such as Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. In future, we are also planning to go even more broadband by extending our reach to other popular platforms such as Vimeo.

Facebook Page: The Facebook page is called D2B Notifications with the handle @d2binfo. As the name suggests this is the place where we post notifications of all the upcoming productions, events and contests. Users can reach us via DM to this page. Our Facebook support team replies almost instantaneously. All our funny text-based posts are posted here from time to time. These posts are then shared on other platforms such as Facebook Group, Instagram and Twitter. Users are also free to post their own content to the timeline of the page, although we strongly recommend user’s posts to be at our Facebook Group’s discussion page.

Facebook group: Our public Facebook group is Let’s Connect. This group serves as our main platform to host Trailer/SneakPeak videos of our in-house productions. Moreover, this is primarily the place where we conduct all our give-away contests such as Comment-Battle, Pic post on a given topic, Quiz etc. This group also provides an excellent opportunity to all the members to showcase their scholastic as well as intellectual skills by sharing with the world their writing/painting skills.

Users posts are approved by a pool of highly motivated moderators. Some of the selected user posts are hosted on our Twitter platform with appropriate tagging. Users are generally encouraged to post as many threads as they wish and in any genre they wish. Having said that, enterprise/corporation promotion/advertisements are never approved and the same is true for political/sexual/racial posts. The complete set of rules regarding the best practices to follow in the group can be found here.

Instagram: Our Instagram handle is @d2b_insta. This is where we share our homemade funny text posts [see image below], trailer videos of upcoming productions, contest banners and contest results. Users opinions are sought frequently via Instagram story pollings over various matters. The Instagram platform is also used for shout-outs. Our experienced online marketing team tries their best to leverage the true potential of hashtags to enhance visibility.

Twitter: We frequently post text-based presentations at our Twitter handle, @d2b_twit. Original and relevant posts/comments/replies by users at our FB group/page are posted here to maximise visibility. The Twitter platform is also used for promoting in-house productions and announce various events of d2b.